All training sessions meet at Cockermouth Leisure Centre. Any changes will be posted on our Facebook page.

Please bring high-vis jackets/vests in the winter for running on dark country roads.

Tuesday and Thursday evenings

These sessions meet at 6.30pm. Runners of all standards and abilities are welcome.

These sessions consists of speed work, interval training or hill work and it allows training as a group where individuals can train at a pace suitable to their own requirements and current fitness levels. This involves on and off-road training, so if you prefer to wear trail shoes when off-road please check the training plan to see what sort of session is planned.

Any changes to the plan will be put on Facebook and twitter where possible.

Members Training Results

2016 time trial results

Winter handicap 2015 Results- This took place on the same day as the Floods of 2015- which is why there aren't many runners!

winter handicap 2014 Results

Summer Handicap 2013 Results

Setmurthy Mile Intervals Training Results

Run Everyday in January 2010

'Castlegate Handicap' Results, Tuesday 27 February 2007

'Castlegate Handicap' Results, Tuesday 9 October 2007

'Castlegate Laps' Results, Tuesday 30 October 2007

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